Chris's collection of albums

Chris has a wide and varried collection of albums. Rather than doing the trendy thing by putting the whole list online, he has decided to let you search it. Why? Let's give you several reasons:

For your convenience, the search is case independant (among other things, which Chris will let you find out through dedicated experimentation).

What to search for:

In case your browser doesn't support forms (shame on it), you can use a much uglier looking query interface by following the link. You can also berate me about what my collection is lacking.

Because Chris is a computer geek (well, sometimes at least), he already had the information on his CD collection online; all he had to do was write a query interface and then a program that converted from the pseudo-randomly ordered flat ASCII database he uses to something that's formatted semi-nicely. He makes no promises about its completeness.

Chris Siebenmann